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The Biggest Benefits of Having Music While Customers Are on Hold

Regardless of where you work, at some point, you have been a customer. As a customer, you have like experienced on-hold music in the past. As a business owner, you have probably offered hold music to your callers, too.

This music provides your customers with a means of transition between representatives. It fills in the blanks with more than just empty space. In some cases, depending on the type of style you choose, it is also informative and entertaining.

While all this you may know, were you aware that on-hold music can help to keep your customers engaged with your brand while improving the outcome of your income calls. When you have structured your business VoIP phone system the right way, you can provide your customers with the confidence that you are going to help them quickly and with whatever needs they may have. Keep reading to learn about on-hold music and the impact it has here.

The Interesting History of On-Hold Music

Major General George Owen Squier, a pioneer in the telephony industry, has been credited with the invention of multiplexing, along with Muzak. The development of multiplexing was introduced in the early part of the 1900s, which was the technique of transmitting several signals through a single wire (i.e., more than one phone call through just one copper wire). It also made it possible to send music through the wires without having to use radio signals, which was both expensive to receive and send at this time.

Prior to the radio being more affordable to businesses and consumers in the 1930s, the efforts made by Squier resulted in the creation of wire-fed music being piped into – along with other locations – elevators. This is what also led to the creation of the term – elevator music.

The Sound of Silence – Broken

It was in 1962 that Alfred Levy, an inventor, developed and patented a method to create on-hold music systems, which were very similar to what is used today. The key to creating effective on-hold music, in the 60s and even today, is that it is a space filler that listeners aren’t really aware that it is there. If the background music being played was more disruptive, it may not have the positive effects that are offered by the modern telephone systems used by businesses today.

Benefits Offered by On-Hold Music

When a caller leaves their queue or if they hear static during their call, the experience they have is hindered. Hold messages and music help to keep callers calm and at ease, and it can even be used to keep them informed while they wait to speak with a technical service member or sales team.

If you are interested in on-hold music and using it for your customers, there are more than a few factors to consider. You should work with a professional to ensure that you get the desired results with the on-hold music that you use. Being informed is the best way to ensure you can make this happen.

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