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3 Signs Your Business Needs a Cloud-Based Phone System

Poor communication costs American businesses over $37 billion a year. The longer you allow communication problems to linger, the harder it will to achieve your business goals. One of the main causes of poor communication is an outdated or unreliable phone system. If your existing phone system is causing problems, now is the time to solve them.

Utilizing the power and convenience of a cloud-based phone system is a great way to enhance business communication. Choosing a cloud-based phone system provider that is both reputable and experienced can make adopting this new technology much easier. Here are some signs you will notice when it is time to embrace cloud-based phone systems.

1. You Need the Ability to Make Conference Calls

Keeping all of your employees on the same page should one of the main concerns you have as a business owner. If employees are unsure about the direction your business is going in, they are bound to make mistakes. When working with team members stretched out around the globe, you need to make regular communication a top priority. By connecting with remote workers regularly, you can keep them on track and avoid lulls in productivity.

Getting all of your workers together on one call is easy with a cloud-based phone system. Most of these systems feature both conference and video calling technology. With a cloud-based system, you can use a pre-designed web interface to make and manage these calls. Before choosing a cloud-based phone system, take some time to assess how easy their conference and video calling software is to use. Ideally, you want to pick a system that is easy to use and customizable.

2. Fielding Calls is Taking Up Most of Your Day

As a business owner, you need to make it easy for consumers to communicate with members of your staff. The best way to offer this open line of communication is with a cloud-based phone system. If you or your office manager are spending lots of time each day answering and routing customer phone calls, finding a cloud-based phone system with an auto-attendant feature is imperative.

With this feature, your calls will be automatically routed to the right department or team member. Generally, auto-attendant features on these types of phone systems will have a customizable menu where you can assign certain extensions to members of your staff.

3. Your Traditional Phone System Never Works

If the phone system you have in place is consistently broken, it will be hard for customers to contact your business. This can result in you losing customers due to a lack of communication. Rather than letting an unreliable traditional phone system to affect your ability to serve customers, you need to make a change. With a minimal investment, you can have a new cloud-based phone system installed quickly.

It’s Time to Switch to the Cloud

As you can see, cloud-based phone systems provide a number of benefits. Contact Fonify to find out more about the phone systems we carry.

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