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The Fonify App: True Collaboration in Your Hands

The Fonify App eliminates traditional barriers between landline and mobile phones. By leveraging the cloud, your business communications follow you in your handheld device. 


Days, where employees sat behind a desk for eight hours, are numbered. Many individuals travel during the workday or move throughout an office space. Some also conduct a significant portion of their business over mobile devices. The Fonify app ensures you always remain connected to your work phone for consistency and continuity.


Why You’ll Love the Fonify App

Reasons our customers love using the Fonify app include: 


Instant Access

The Fonify app grants users instant access to calling, contacts, chat, video messaging, virtual meetings, and screen sharing features - all in one single suite. This eliminates maintaining an extensive app portfolio on your device to communicate with others. 


Easy Setup 

Don’t waste time setting up your voice services. The Fonify app only requires a few minutes to implement with zero configuration. 


No Hardware or Software Required 

To use our mobile app, you just need a smart device or laptop, internet connection, and the app itself. There are no added hardware or software costs.

Key Features

Your Collaboration Engine

Instant messaging, voice and video chat, and file sharing have become second-nature to countless offices in New Jersey and beyond. As businesses adopt this more collaborative work culture, your workplace ought to prioritize collaboration as well. 


The Fonify app puts limitless collaboration potential in your hands. Now, your team can share critical information on-the-go from wherever their workday takes them.

Your Business Phone: Unchained

With the Fonify app, your business phone goes with you. You can switch between devices as needed and maintain continuity without downtime. Whether you are working in front of a traditional telephone, mobile device, desktop computer, tablet, or laptop, you will not miss incoming communications.

The Competitive Advantage

Whether you are competing against other local businesses or abroad, using a cloud-based mobile app like Fonify’s grants you the ability to engage with leads and customers from anywhere. Your desk now fits in your pocket and packed with a digital arsenal of sophisticated communications capabilities.

Let’s Work Together

Fonify strives to make partnering with us a frictionless process. If you want to learn more about our voice services, connect with us at any time.

Unified Interface

Send and receive calls to single or multiple recipients across your entire business network. Juggling apps and screens no longer halt your progress. 


Full Integration and Privacy

Reach your team members through a business number hosted on their Fonify app. This privacy feature allows your coworkers to protect personal information and boosts professionalism. 

Monitor Presence

Use the app to gauge your team’s availability. Is someone in a call? In a meeting? The app will display their status. If you want to initiative a chat or meeting, this can also be done from the app at the click of a button. 

Voicemail Management

Receive, manage, and listen to business voicemails from your mobile device. Google’s Cloud Speech API can also provide visual transcriptions of the messages you receive. 

Next-Level Visual Capabilities

Video meetings and conference calls can be initiated directly through the app. Need to present from your phone? Use the app to share your screen with your team. 

Manage Business Contacts

Access, add, edit, and delete contacts from the app. This prevents your personal and professional contacts from intersecting on your mobile device and enables you to quickly access important numbers from anywhere across all devices. 

Monitor Call History 

With the Fonify app, you can monitor your call activity over the past 90 days. Leverage filter options to sort and manage activity with no hassle. 

Advanced Calling Services

Speed-dial, three-way calling, attended and unattended transfer, call forwarding, and do not disturb features can all be accessed and implemented directly through the Fonify app

Schedule a Fonify App Demo Today

Want to see the Fonify app features in action? Schedule a demo during any of the available dates and times to experience it firsthand.

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