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Business SMS Made Possible

Business SMS has become an essential channel for modern workforce communication. As customers and clients are opting for text messaging rather than calling, you should equip your team with the power to meet the demand without having to use personal phone numbers. Fonify makes this possible. 


With Fonify SMS, you can quickly see and respond to incoming text messages through a unified communications portal using a business number that will keep personal information separate.

How Employees Benefit from Business SMS

Your team can connect to customers from home, in the office, or anywhere else their workday takes them. This increases flexibility, efficiency, and enables more agile response. Former employees’ communications can also remain accessible to the company through their Fonify phone number.


Business SMS Benefits for Customers

Customers expect timely responses - especially when texting. Using Fonify SMS, your team can reach customers through a preferred channel and engage with them directly.

Key Features


You and your team should not have to respond to customer texts using your personal mobile number. Instead, Fonify allows you to communicate from any device of your choosing behind dedicated business numbers. Maintain privacy while boosting productivity all with a single solution. 

Text History 

With Fonify’s business SMS, you can maintain text logs from each team member to ensure quality. Did an employee recently leave the company? Their text message log will remain for you to reference at any time. 

Contact Matching

Known contact names automatically replace displayed phone numbers during conversation. This eliminates having to upload contacts multiple times, manually matching them, and ensures business continuity across all channels. 


“It’s easier to explain if I call you. Do you have a minute?” Or, “It’s quicker if we just talk about it real quick.” Do those sound familiar? Sometimes, you need to call someone during an SMS conversation. With Fonify SMS, you can initiate a call directly from the SMS message screen at any time. 

Conversation Naming

Have you started an SMS conversation with one or more people around a specific project or topic? You can name your chats for easy organization and quick access. 

Modify Contact Information in


Need to add a new number to your contacts? Perhaps the person on the receiving end just shared their email or an alternate phone number to reach them? You can add this information to a new or existing contact in real-time from your SMS screen. 


Need to find a contact or group conversation and don’t want to bother with scrolling through every thread on your phone? No problem! Fonify SMS allows you to search through conversations by name, phone number, or title. 

Opt-Out Capability 

You can leave face-to-face conversations in person. Your phone should grant you that same privilege. Fonify SMS allows you to opt-out of or mute any message whenever. 

Access Contextual Information

Know everything about every message you send. Each business SMS message will include timestamps, message history, participants, read receipts, and more.

Hosted SMS

Enable any phone number for Fonify SMS. This is not restricted to specific carriers. 

Schedule a Fonify SMS Demo Today

Fonify specializes in connecting New Jersey businesses with a variety of unified communications solutions tailored to meet specific needs. Want to see the power of business SMS in action? Schedule a demo at any of the available times:

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