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Voice to Text for Small and Mid-Size New Jersey Businesses

Fonify’s Voice to Text utilizes Google’s AI and machine learning power to convert spoken words into written text without the need for human intervention. This solution enables businesses to transcribe voicemails and have them sent via various channels like email and SMS. 


Voice To Text is perfect for professionals on-the-go who need to read messages instead of listening to them. When on a conference call, in a board meeting, or on the job, you may not have an opportunity to play a voicemail through your speakers.


How Does Voice to Text Work?

Our Google AI-powered Voice to Text solution can listen to any spoken word audio and transcribe into neat, readable copy. This saves time and eliminates the hassle of having to check voicemail messages.

The Business Benefit

In the business world, voicemail can be a necessary evil. You want to provide an opportunity for callers to leave a message, but at the same time, you may not have the time to listen to it until later. The truth is that voicemail does not fit neatly with the rest of your other messaging channels. In almost every other aspect of your work life, you are engaging in text-based communication. 


Fonify’s Voice to Text bridges the gap between audio and text communications by allowing you to convert voice messages into a readable medium that aligns with your email, instant messaging, and SMS texting. 


Four primary ways that Voice to Text can improve efficiency at your workplace include: 



Fonify Voice to Text enables your team to stay connected to their work, wherever they’re conducting business. This results in fewer missed communications and a more productive workforce. 



Why waste time scrolling through voicemail messages or being forced to listen to them in sequential order? Instead, Voice to Text allows the user to have a full and transparent view of each voicemail so you can read what you want and ignore the rest. 


True Prioritization

Scan your transcribed messages and stay up-to-date with what needs the most attention. This allows your team to stay focused on the most pressing objectives at hand. 


Access to Information 

Find the relevant information in your voicemails that you need. Instead of listening to and playing back each message audibly, you can see a snapshot of each one’s content at a glance.

How Voice to Text Boosts Team Productivity

Though voice to text can benefit an entire organization, here are some unique ways that it can aid specific types of team members: 



Service technicians can access voicemail messages in a quick, simple text format while in the field. Stay connected to customers, managers, and colleagues during your busy workday without the downtime required to listen to each voicemail individually. 


Remote Employees

When out of the office, remote workers need to prioritize staying connected to their organizations as much as possible. Using voice to text, your team member can ensure that important voicemails are not lost among other messaging channels. 



Attending meetings and fielding high volumes of phone calls are part of the managerial lifestyle. To help keep pace with your busy workday, voice to text can distill all your voicemail messages into written format so you can read them on-the-go as if they were a text message or email. 


Voice to Text for CEOs

CEOs prioritize every minute of the workday to ensure their organizations are running at peak efficiency. This does not grant much free time to sit down and sift through each voicemail manually. Instead, a voice to text solution allows CEOs to easily review their incoming messages at a glance and focus on the most important communications to running their business.

Experience the Power of Voice to Text Firsthand

When voice to text was first introduced to the consumer market, many older solutions were inefficient and required a great deal of manual editing. For many customers, this perception of the technology still persists. With Fonify’s innovative voice to text, you can rest assured that our Google AI-powered platform allows for stunning accuracy and message clarity.

To experience Fonify’s voice to text solution for your business, schedule a demo anytime.

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