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Must-Have Features for Any Small Business Phone System

Today, modern small business phone systems are full of advanced, innovative features that are rarely used to their full potential. However, once you understand how to use all these options and their advantages, you can improve communication among your employees, clients, and customers.

The question you may have is, what features should you consider? Some of the top features for any small business phone system can be found below.

Auto Attendants

An auto attendant offers an array of benefits for your phone system and your small business. It provides people who call a professional greeting, call routing to a cell phone, and voicemail to email services, among others.

While live interaction is preferable for some small businesses, auto attendants can also serve a complementary role. With an auto-attendant, you can save money, enjoy sophisticated call routing, and help to put your customers at ease, regardless of what time they call in.

Hold Music

The right phone system can be programmed with music or custom messages that play while customers or clients are on hold. This is a beneficial feature that keeps customers engaged, even if they have to wait for a real person to respond.

It has been proven that most callers are going to hang up if they do not have any audible cues within 40 seconds. With the music and messages, you project a professional image and ensure your callers will not hang up.

Voicemail to Text or Email

On average, a person checks their email about 15 times per day. People who limited checking their email so often felt they were more able to complete the most important work they had to do. By having voicemail messages sent to your email address, you can increase worker efficiency. Some of the benefits of having your voicemail sent as email or text include mobile listening, improved responsiveness, and improved record keeping, to name a few.

Also, when voicemails are sent to your email, they are accessible regardless of the location. This helps to improve collaboration significantly.

Conference Bridges

Thanks to ongoing advancements in technology, there have been many changes in the evolution of the business realm. For example, with a conference bridge, you have an extremely innovative service where you can organize virtual conferences with an entire group.

If there is something you need to discuss urgently with your team or delegates, a conference bridge allows you to save time and money. You can host a voice call conference or a video conference with this feature, which is not offered with other options.

The Right Phone Features Matter for Your Small Business

If you want to ensure that your phone system can meet your needs and the needs of your employees and customers, consider some of the features found here. They will help ensure you get the solutions needed and that superior communication modes are in place for all individuals and work with your company. Work with the professionals to get the right phone system for your needs.

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