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4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Switch to Cloud-Based VOIP

The internet and technology have led to significant changes in the way that modern businesses operate. If you told people 20 years ago that companies would no longer advertise in the phone book and that almost all of your supplies can be ordered on the internet, they wouldn’t believe you. Businesses that want to thrive in an ever-changing marketplace have to look for ways to use technology to save money and provide better service. One potential area for improvement can be seen in the phone systems that businesses use. Here are four reasons why companies should consider switching their phone systems to a cloud-based VOIP like Fonify.

Save Money

One of the most compelling reasons for a business to use VOIP is the cost. VOIP is significantly cheaper than the outdated business phone systems that some companies still use. For example, PBX systems cost thousands of dollars to have set up. Even when spread out over several years, that comes to hundreds of dollars every month for the system alone. Paying for all the landlines needed for these phone systems also costs hundreds of dollars per month. By switching to a VOIP system, business owners can significantly cut their monthly phone bills. Thousands of Fonify customers have saved over 37 percent on their monthly telecom bills.

Easy to Use and Simple Setup

One of the reasons why it cost so much to set up a landline PBX phone system is that you need a technician to get everything ready. Establishing call lines, voice mails, automatic forwarding, and other features are difficult tasks to do on traditional business phone systems. With Fonify, you can handle the setup on your own. Don’t worry about being left alone to figure everything out. A Fonify representative will guide you through the process to ensure that there is virtually no downtime when you switch to a cloud-based VOIP phone system.

Premium Features

Cloud-based VOIP goes beyond what many business owners expect from a business phone system. Fonify has all of the features you would expect from a traditional business phone, plus new tools that take advantage of the latest technology. For example, business owners can manage their entire phone system through an online portal. We also have options that make it easy to record and receive call reporting. Fonify makes it possible for business owners to accomplish more while paying less for phone services.

High-End Business Telephones

Cloud-based VOIP business phone systems have the latest phone models with many amazing features. At Fonify, many of our phones offer rapid call handling and the application of accessories such as a Bluetooth USB Dongle and a Wi-Fi USB Dongle. The phone has a variety of line status features, such as showing the active line and number. The interface also makes it simple to swap calls, park, unpark, and multi-party conferencing. The phones also have additional hardware features such as a navigational knob, voicemail indicator, dedicated hold buttons, as well as a high-quality handset and cradle.

If you’re ready to save money on your company’s monthly telephone bill without sacrificing the quality of your service, you should consider switching to a cloud-based VOIP like Fonify. Send us a message online if you want to learn more Fonify and to see if it’s right for your business.

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