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Video Conferencing - Remote Work Reimagined

Fonify is the all-in-one, fully integrated voice, video, messaging, and collaboration solution that delivers far more than a place to hold meetings. It’s a collaboration-first platform loaded with high-quality and reliable features that revolutionize the entire video, meeting, & collaboration experience.

Experience the Difference

HD video & meetings with Fonify eliminates the conflict issues common in other conferencing platforms (even the most well-known), providing a more seamless and efficient teamwork experience.

Video Conference

Transforming Collaborating
For The Modern Workforce

Fonify brings more to the table than any video solution to date. By seamlessly integrating high-quality voice with the video, virtual office tools, and intuitive collaboration features, the modern workforce now has the best of both worlds; excellent productivity and high efficiency whether in the office or working remotely.

Key Features

icons8-video-conference-100 (1).png

Next-Gen Voice & HD Video

Expressions and body language are back in the conversation


Host 99 Guests

Invite, meet & collaborate on an enterprise level

Simultaneous Screensharing

Say goodbye to presenters awkwardly “passing the ball” when presenting during meetings

Moderator Controls

Allow free-flowing controlled collaboration in an organized setting

Private Side-bar Conversations

Talk or chat in meetings and in Rooms, with or without audio/video, without missing or disrupting the main event

Single Sign-On

Integrations with Microsoft and Google means streamlined efficiency

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