Voice to Text for Small and Mid-Size New Jersey Businesses

Fonify’s Voice to Text utilizes Google’s AI and machine learning power to convert spoken words into written text without the need for human intervention. This solution enables businesses to transcribe voicemails and have them sent via various channels like email and SMS. 


Voice To Text is perfect for professionals on-the-go who need to read messages instead of listening to them. When on a conference call, in a board meeting, or on the job, you may not have an opportunity to play a voicemail through your speakers.

Collaborate. Communicate. Connect.

Our solutions offer your business the communications scalability, performance, and agility that you need to thrive in a digital-driven economy. As the cloud becomes more ubiquitous in the working world, your phone should not be left behind. 


We offer the following products and services to enhance your business’s voice: 

  • Hosted PBX

  • Dedicated Mobile App

  • Business SMS 

  • Voice to Text

  • Video Conferencing


These features allow your team to better collaborate, communicate, and connect from anywhere. By unshackling your phone from its traditional telecom tether, your business communications become truly portable and accessible from nearly any device.

Benefits of Switching to Fonify

When you decide to partner with Fonify, your business will experience the following benefits: 


Cost Savings

Traditional telecommunications expenses add up and take valuable capital away from other operations. Your voice services should work for you and not burden your bank account. 


By switching to Fonify, you can join the many businesses that save an average of 37% on their telecom expenses.

True Control Over Your Phones

Both traditional telecom and large voice services corporations only allow you to have limited control over your call data, phone functionality, and pricing options. We challenge this model by giving you the deciding power. 


In addition to saving on the bottom line, you will have access to Fonify’s online portal that gives you a complete, transparent view of call recordings, data, and other information vital to your business.

Unrivaled Performance

Fonify’s cloud-powered solutions allow you to access and use your business phone from nearly any internet-enabled device from wherever your workday takes you. In the field? Working remotely? At the office? You can maintain complete business continuity while also having the ability to send SMS messages, transcribe voicemails to text, initiative video calls, and more features that traditional phones do not permit. 


Superior Quality

Fonify extends your business voice services to the cloud. In a densely populated state like New Jersey, downed telecom lines are not uncommon. Why should your business communications come to a halt because your team cannot make important calls? 


Instead, a cloud-based solution unshackles your phone from traditional limitations. You will be able to enjoy direct endpoint-to-endpoint communication with voice clarity equal to or better than an expensive landline connection. 


Limitless Scalability 

Traditional telecom service providers typically require you to purchase bundles of Primary Rate Interface (PRI) lines to connect your PBX systems. For example, if they sell 15 lines and you need 16, then you are forced to buy 30 lines just to use one extra. That’s an extra 14 dead lines you are sinking valuable capital into without any returns. 


Fonify strives to offer a better alternative. With us, you can purchase as many or as few lines as you need. Pay only for what you are using and add, subtract, or repurpose your lines alongside your company’s journey

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